Friday, April 30, 2010

Things my 4 month old has taught me...

1. Now that I eat more my poops are larger.
2. Changing a diaper is like a carnival game.
3. When I rub my eyes that means I am tired.
4. When I am crying just put me in the tub, it washes all my worries away.
5. Even little girls like watching tv.
6. I still don't like tummy time.
7. Mirrors are cool and I think I am beautiful.
8. What made me laugh before may make me cry the next time.
9. My feet are the coolest form of entertainment.
10. Sometime my fist is desired over my passy.

4 months old!

Addison had her 4 month appointment this past week. She weighed in a 16.9 pounds and is 26 and 3/4 inches long. The doc said the percentiles only went to 97% but that Addie would probably be in the 99%. HAHAHA! That's my big girl. I will say she carries her weight well as a Sigmon. She knows exactly where to store her fat to accentuate her cuteness. She had her second set of shots and it was more sad this time now that she is more aware of things. On another note Addie rolled over for the first time last Sunday and is doing it like a pro now. She figured out that since she HATES tummy time she would just figure out a way to get off her tummy. She is recognizing cause and effect now with some of her toys (blue bird). She is talking all the time and laughing, which makes me melt. Daddy can make her laugh more than anyone. She has the biggest smile on her face when daddy comes in from work. Well that is all that is new for now. More updates to come.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Addison is almost 4 months but fits in most 9 month outfits.

We were in Atlanta and stayed in a hotel while Ryan was at the Hinman dental convention. Addie had her first encounter with the pool. She didn't enjoy it like the tub but she never cried. She is TOUGH!

Here are some more pictures from out great Easter weekend. Addison is almost 4 months now and about 15 pounds. She is laughing and smiling all the time and is beginning to be more consistent sleeping though the night.

Monday, April 5, 2010

At Mimi's and Papa's for Easter weekend. We loved being outside in the amazing weather.

We had a wonderful Easter with our family. My mom and brother joined us up in Spartanburg and it was full of good food, amazing family, beautiful Addison, and the joy that only Jesus Christ can bring through his Resurrection. Addison is 15 weeks old this Easter. Here are some pictures we took of Addison in her Easter dress. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We couldn't keep our hands off her all day.

Addison had her feet in the grass for the first time. Of course I had to sit in it with her...I was itching the rest of the day.

She loves to stand up...of course with some help.