Thursday, December 30, 2010

Addison is ONE!!

Addison turned one December 26th!! I can't believe our baby is barely a baby! It has been a crazy, wonderful Christmas/Birthday weekend. We went back to back with parties. I really think Addison knew this particular party was all about her. She woke up fresh from a nap with 18 people waiting on her and she greeted them with smiles. She never fussed one time during her entire party. She strutted her stuff in a custom made outfit from Badas boutique ( adorable!) We had such wonderful family all around and there was so much love in the air. Addison is so blessed to have the amazing extended family that she has. We were so blessed with such awesome gifts that Addison is definitely getting plenty of play time with. Thank you so much to my beautiful family for helping with food and always being so generous. Enjoy the cute pictures.
The cake pictures got uploaded backwards but you can see the progression.

What else really needs to be said here...She loves her sweets!

You can see how excited she is to see the cake (below). Then she just can't wait for the candle to be blown out and she takes and taste from the icing (above).

Mommy and daddy gave her a pink piano and she loved it! She wouldn't stop playing it during the rest of the party. She dances as she plays (bounces and sways) and tries to sing.
Aunt Lindsay gave her super cool pink Crocs, which might I add, they are the ONLY shoes that actually stay on.
Great Grammy gave her a birthday bear from "Build a Bear." Her name in Noelle.
Aunt Tammy gave Addison her second favorite gift, pot/cook set. She plays with it all the time. Today she was trying to feed me with the spoon and would dip it back into the pot and then bring it to my mouth. Then she proceeded to try to spoon feed her baby doll. She amazes me!

Addison is one and...
  • stands unsupported roughly 8 seconds
  • says "bye" and waves
  • says "dada"
  • blows kisses
  • give open mouth kisses
  • know how to use a phone
  • tries to feed her baby doll
  • pretends to cook
  • plays the piano (baby style)
  • in 18 month clothes
  • weighs 25 pounds
  • 30 inches tall

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Bun in the oven!

Most of you may have already heard but I will officially shout it out that, WE ARE PREGNANT! I am now 12 weeks and feeling great. I feel better than I did with Addison. It was kind of a surprise but we are very excited. The baby is due June 28th. Can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. I have many people telling me it will be a boy. The kids will be 18 months apart and hopefully best friends. Everyone tells me that this next one is going to break all the rules, since Addie has been the most amazing baby. I think I am destined to have perfect children! Well as least perfect in my sight :) Thank you to everyone for sharing in our joy!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's been a while...

I have been super busy lately with Christmas cards, shopping, decorating...oh and trying to get all this done with a baby. She won't be a baby for long. She turns one December 26th. What am I to do. Anyways she had a recent doctor's visit and weighs 24.6 pounds and is 30 inches tall. That puts her into the 90th percentile. She is still crawling all over the place and loves to use her walker, although is timid with it as well. She has 8 teeth and is getting her lower canine an top molar. I think I can officially say her first word is Dada. Of course consistency will tell for sure.

We have our real Christmas tree up and Addison has not gone towards it once. Ryan and I toiled over where to put it so she would be less likely to get into it. I even thought I was going to have to buy this expensive gate...she has not even gone to check it out. So surprising!

Ryan and I are doing well. We are still trying to assess if Conver/Hickory is our home. We think it is but for some reason it's just hard to make it official. Ryan has started the process of potentially purchasing the practice. There is a lot of legal jargon and things that have to come together before the deed is done. Ryan and I volunteer at the dental free clinic two Tuesdays a month, where I assist him. I have learned a ton about dentistry and have figured out that using the suction is the most important thing I can do to help Ryan. It was also the most awkward tool to get used to. It always seemed to gravitate towards everything but where I was wanting to suction.

Here are some pictures from the last month.