Thursday, March 11, 2010

We had a wonderful weekend with our dear friends Somer and Tres. Addison loved them and was all smiles. It was great catching up with long time friends.

I put her in a dress and she is already pulling it up!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poop in the tub!

Addison Noelle LOVES her bath time and I do as well. I have always wondered when she was going to poop or pee in the tub. I guess if she peed I would never know. She has never pooped in the tub but I knew that day would come...and it did! Two days ago my mom and I were enjoying Addison's bath time with her when we heard a suspicious sounding fluff (fart). I took a quick peek and saw nothing. We continued to play and then another fluff sound, this time with some evidence. A glob of poop floated to the surface and rested on Addison's arm. Mom and I didn't really know what to do except laugh hysterically. I picked her up, which revealed more globs of poop floating around. The plan was for mom to dump out the tub and rinse her off with the shower head, but instead mom found it so funny that she almost peed her pants. So here I am holding Addison in the air not sure what to do with her since she is coveed in poop and mom is on the toilet. So I sat her on the side of the tub. While waiting for mom the get done I noticed poop running down the outside of the tub. Finally we rinsed her off and started the bath all over again. The funny thing was, during all that ciaos, Addison never cried or seemed upset even though she was out of the warm water and covered in poop. Needless to say it was funny, gross, and an odd bonding moment for the three of us.


Addison had her first round of shots this past Friday, Feb. 26th. I was dreading it and luckily my wonderful husband was able to attend the appointment with me. Before I get to the sad part where she gets her shots, I would like to inform you that our Addison now weighs 13 pounds 9 oz, is 24 inches long and the Dr. said she is in the greater than 97th percentile. This means that more than 97% of babies are smaller than Addison. She is our precious BIG girl and we are so proud of her growth spurts! She checked out great as far as everything else goes and now comes the shots. So if the shots weren't enough to make you sad, she was butt naked and the nurse told me to hold her little precious arms down while she injected the vaccines. I was doing ok until the "it sounds like I am coming out of the womb cries" began. A little tear came to my eye as I comforted her on my chest. Addison is a strong girl and calmed down only a minute after the shots were given. She took it like a champ!