Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving to Hickory!

Hello everyone! Here is a little update on where we are in life.  We live in Conover but the neighboring town is called Hickory, only 10 min away. We are buying a dental practice in Hickory and Ryan takes ownership at the beginning of August.  We are so excited and at peace with this big decision. We have been praying for two years for direction and a plan for Ryan's career and the Lord never fails! He has provided for us this entire time and this answer to prayer gives us such grateful hearts! It will probably be 8 months before we purchase our first home but I can't help but look at listings already.  Here are some pictures from the last month or so. 

Cohen will be one on June 26th and Addison 2 1/2!! Can't believe it. On and let us not forget Ryan will be 30!!! He is still rocking 25 though!
Cohen started walking with assistance about two months ago and has walked up to 17 steps without help but with a lot of coaxing.  He has yet to completely  take off on his own. He has a large vocabulary and says, mama, dada, ball, cracker, coco (Cohen), papa, book, and bye bye. He has so much personality and very determined to do things his way.  He loves to crawl and climb on anything and everything.  He brings us so much joy and laughter.  

Addison is such a big girl and sister.  She always puts on her shoes by herself.  She loves to help me cook and bake and loves to feed Cohen.  She is a good picker upper and likes things tidy. We finally have hair long enough to sport a pony tail. yay!! She surprises me every day with things she says. She has a precious heart and sings to her brother when he is sad or has a hard time going to sleep. I am trying not to blink with her so hopefully I won't miss a thing!

 Cohen's stank face.
 Addison loves going to the playground.  Her favorite thing is the slide.
 She looks so mature here!!
 Someone asked me is she had a front tooth missing. No it's just her sweet gap.

Cohen has 4 top  teeth and 2 bottom and 2 lower molars.

Here is my stud man! He could totally sport 25! So handsome.  We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this past May.
Koolaide smile!

He had the best time playing in that bucket of water.