Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ahh Charleston...we missed you so!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Charleston. I think it has been a year since we have visited. We also celebrated are 5 year wedding anniversary while there. Time has really flown by. We have the most amazing friends there and as you can see fun was all around us. Thank you Melissa and Dylan for being such wonderful, accommodating hosts and to Jenny and Adam for making us the best burgers EVER!! It was such a blessing to see everyone and their families. It's so crazy to think that we are all parents now...mature adults!! What an encouragement it was to be around Godly friends who offered fellowship, advice, and amazing conversation!

So you can imagine how hard it would be to find a place that we would all feel comfortable taking this large group of people and children out to eat. We went a little on the creative side and found a dive, hole in the wall place called Dave's Seafood take-out. It was kinda sketchy but we went with it. We ordered our food and then went to Waterfront Park and had a picnic. It was absolutely crazy but so fun. We had fried shrimp and scallops! Not bad for fried take-out. After our picnic we strolled around down town and stopped for ice cream...of course!!
Notice Addison has BOTH fingers up her nose. Made for a very classy picture!
Love these girls!! I felt so loved around them and it was like we never left!

Ahh the beach. Addison was not the big fan I thought she would be of the beach. It was really her first time (that she could remember). She didn't want to have anything to do with the water and only cared about playing in the sand but had not interest in sitting in it or getting too dirty.
We had to keep telling her the shovel was not a spoon!