Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wow, I almost gave this thing up!

It's been FOREVER since I have posted anything on the blog. The longer its been the harder it is to get motivated to post something because where do you star?? The last post was the summer so I have missed Christmas, Addison's birthday, and so many other special moments. I am not even going to try to sum it all up. I will just post a massive amount of pictures and let that tell the story :)
I will say that Addison is almost 2 1/2 and Cohen is 9 months and just started crawling and walking with the walker...all in the same weekend! They are precious together and the laughter never stops between the two of them. God is really challenging me to be diligent in my efforts to discipline in love and with the purpose to soften their hearts towards Christ. Every day is different, and only through His grace and guidance, am I ever able to accomplish that. They are such a joy and clearly God is doing a work in me through them.

Ryan and I are looking at staring a dental practice from the ground up. It's definitely scary and requires trust and prayer to take these next big steps. Ryan is so eager to hold the reigns and I can tell he is really excited when he talks about owning his own practice. So we are still renting a small town house and feeling cramped in the two bedrooms it allows but all the while feeling blessed and well taken care of.

Here goes the massive upload of pictures. From last fall to today...

Blowing Rock with the family. That just about make me have a heart attack after watching Addison run everywhere! So many drop offs! We survived but not without any grey hairs.
Date night after Blowing Rock. Thanks Grammy, Elaine and the sisters!
Fun in the backyard with Drew.

Aunt Elaine. The kids just love her as do we! She makes it so special to live here!
Thanksgiving 2011 at Martha's (mimi).

Papa love. For once he is in some pictures.
Cohen is about 5 months here.
Nana and 6 month Cohen.

Grammy went with us to pick out our Christmas tree and to get hers.

First day we discovered that her hair was long enough to make piggies. They didn't stay in long.
Our lone ranger!
Christmas 2011

Ski trip to Beech Mountain with the Sigmon's. Addison went sledding for the first time. She LOVED it.
Day after Christmas family pics. Check out Cohen's Elvis lip.

Love, love, love these pics!
Such a big, good sister! Sometimes she loves him till it hurts.
My little Linus from Charlie Brown. All the emotions of a composer!
Addison's actually birthday on December 26th celebrated with family.
The last weekend in January we celebrated her birthday with friends at an indoor play gym. It was amazing and such a blast watching her play.
Yes, I did make the cake!
First time Cohen rode in the grocery cart with Addison. You can tell he knew exactly what he was doing!
Check out that GAP! So cute!

Both kids love to ride on daddy's shoulders. It's better than the park!

Cohen is about 7 months here.
So Ryan put Cohen in Addison's play stroller and there was no way he was falling out because his bottom was so wedged in there. He loved it and so did she.
Park with the family. Daddy's grooming her for baseball. Look at her focus!
Cohen is 8 months.

She is so domestic. Loves the kitchen and cooks with me a lot!
Lunch outside with Nana.
Play dough dental set. She is ready for work daddy!

First ice-cream of the spring at Sonic with Grammy!
Seriously!!!! love him!
Addison's first haircut at a salon. She was soo awesome and sat so still.
Grammy and her babies.
Eating in style and also protecting her eyes from sun rays that could come through the window.
First bath together. Cohen took his first dunk about 5 seconds after being in...scared me but now he as the hang of it.

As I finished uploading all these pictures I was so sad that I had not kept up with this because it was soooo hard to narrow it down. Oh well here is to a NEW start!!