Sunday, August 21, 2011

A little bit of everything.

It's been a while since I have sat my busy bottom down and put up a post. I am sorry! Finally after a crazy day I have found some solace in my day and am glad to sit down and finally write a post. Things are settling down here and sleep is actually present at night in about 5 hour stretches. Addison is doing really well and is such a big helper. Anytime Cohen cries she always gives him a kiss and then tries to find his "pappy." What a big girl!! Cohen has his two month appointment coming up. He is so big and makes the sweetest sounds when he tries to talk and smile.

I just wanted to post some random pictures from the last month. Enjoy!

Mimi and Papa took us to a water park and Addison loved it! It really helped her adjust to the pool and like water in general. We still have a little ways to go before I say she loves the pool.
This awesome swimsuit Mimi bought Addison has flotations boards in it. We really like it!
Addison loves crawling up on Grammy's lap and she (Grammy) is great at soothing Cohen!
Katie's daughter Harper came for a visit and they enjoyed the blow up pool for all of 5 minutes!
Addison's first hair cut. My mom started and Elaine finished since Addison wouldn't keep her head still.
Morning love!
Fun at the local mexican restaurant.

Aunt Lainy's diaper change. We think she needs more practice!

I don't even feel like explaining why she is naked on the car ride home from Charlotte. I will leave you in suspense but this is how she entertained herself.
Date night at Youssef 242. I was so good!