Saturday, June 26, 2010

Addison's accomplishments...6 months!!

Addison Noelle is 6 months old now and weighs 19 pounds, is 29 inches long, and is in the 96th percentile. She is starting to come down. Here are some of accomplishments.

* rolling
* sleeping on her side
* playing with her feet alllll the time
* sucking on big toe
* sitting up all on her own
* starting to army crawl
* walking if you hold her hands
* eating 2 solid food meals a day
* learning to drink from a cup
* verbalizations like baba, dada, and mama
* lots of squealing and squawking
* playing in the pool
* showing lots of interest in toys
* has 2 bottom teeth and getting uppers in now

This stage is so much fun. She is constantly changing day to day. Unfortunately when she started teething, sleep ran away and never came back, so we are trying to get back to uninterrupted nights. Every morning she wakes up with the biggest smile and giggles. It's my favorite time with her.
We had our first lake day with Addison, her first time being in the sun. We were out from 2-6:30 and she never cried or fussed. She was entertained by everyone and was all smiles. Mimi, Papa, and Lindsay were there as well. It was a lake party for the end of residency program. She loved the boat and found the new sensation of wind thrilling. She is the best baby in the world. She was perfect all day!

Check her out in all her hotness!

We were at Ryan's end of residency banquet. This year flew by!
Aunt Lindsay visited on Addison's 6 month birthday. Of course Addie is sporting her Aunt's Clemson hat. It was also the weekend we celebrated Ryan's end of residency.

A dear friend of mine, April Ayers, visited from out of town with her daughter Addison. If you didn't catch that, both of our girls names are Addison. They are 1 month apart and both chunky as ever. All the other babies I know are so tiny compared to Addie. It was awesome to find someone her own size! She met her match.
Addison Noelle (left), Addison Elizabeth (right)The hot mama's of the adorable girls!!
Ryan turned 28 June 16th and Addie stayed up past her bedtime just to be in dad's birthday pic. You can tell she is really excited to have stayed up for that.

We went to Hendersonville and Conover, NC to look at real estate just to get an idea of the areas. We stayed with Grammy and were also able to visit our dear friends Jeremy, Katie and little Harper. I love being able to mix business with pleasure.
We met them in Asheville and watched part of the world cup at a local pub. We had the best time catching up and we only hope that our children will be as good of friends as we are!

Katie and Harper. She is only 8 months but looks 2 years in this picture.
Addison drove us around Hendersonville and showed us the houses she thought we should live in! I have to say she is a very distracted driver. I think we will wait until she is 16 years old.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We visited Mimi and Papa a couple weeks ago. They kept Addie while we went on our anniversary getaway. As you can see she didn't miss us...much. Thank you Mimi and Papa for being such wonderful parents and grandparents. I was so at ease knowing she was in your care. Addison is sooo blessed to be in this family!!