Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a boy!!

So we found out last Friday that we are going to be blessed with a precious baby boy! We are so thrilled. Honestly, I went into the ultrasound convinced it was going to be a girl. I secretly really wanted a boy but just in case it wasn't I told myself it was going to be a girl. I had already thought of girl names to get myself excited about having another girl, and of course I would have still been delighted to have girl. During the ultrasound, the tech announced that it had 3 legs and my immediate thought was, "oh no! There is something wrong with our child." She quickly cleared up my confusion and told us it was a boy. I was so surprised, my eyes watered. Ryan was very excited. God was going to be great no matter what but when we found out it was a boy I thought, "seriously God!?!?! You are awesome!!!!" I can't imagine what having a boy will be like but I can't wait to find out. I have been feeling him move since 17 wks and I am 19 wks now. I am definitely in maternity clothes and finding it harder to pick Addison's toys off the floor. Anyways almost half way there.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas and everything after...

Yeaaaaah for snow! Today was an awesome snow day. Ryan didn't have to go in for work and our great friends Brie, Matt, and their son James came over for a snow date. We took them sledding, drank hot cocoa, and ordered there anything better to do with friends?!?!

Daddy in Addison's princess play house. To be honest, we get in her play house way more than she does.

Daddy was just about to start brewing his beer when Addison decided she wanted to get into his big pot. So to your relief we did not cook our daughter.

Look how well she is standing on her own. Of course she always finds her goldfish inside my diaper bag...I still haven't learned to close it. Thanks Mimi for her precious dress.

Addison loves to drink from my large water jug...she is obsessed with it. I have to hide when I take a sip from it...or she will cry if I don't give it to her.

More snow days...This was actually Christmas day!
She totally knows how to work the phone. Right now she is on an important call!

Need I say more...
This was before she met Santa...nice and happy.