Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At 9 1/2 months Addison is...

  • crawling all over the house
  • pulling up on anything she can get her hands on to
  • furniture surfing
  • squirmy as can be
  • smiling and laughing all the time
  • eating finger food very well (any vegetable/fruit, cheerios, and chicken)
  • very eager to do things on her on
  • babbling more
  • says "dada" and "mama" and "baba"
  • has lots of play dates
  • sleeps through the night...FINALLY!!
  • has 1-2 naps a day
  • beginning to understand waving
  • sits through reading a book
  • throws tantrums when things are taken away
  • loves it when daddy sings
She is such a precious joy to have and we are so blessed to have her. I thank God every day for her. It is a delight to watch her as she learns how to move and how to fully play with her toys. I can tell she is thinking about taking steps but is scared to let go of the end table. She will reach for your hand and when she grabs hold of your hand she smiles real big (as if to say, "thanks mom, I know you got me") and takes a wobbly step. Time has already flown by so fast. I want to soak in every bit of her. She is only this young once. Thank you, thank you Lord for Addison Noelle Sigmon!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New things...

Addison had her first swing experience last week and she LOVED it!! She giggled the entire time.
For some reason she loves to crawl under the table but then never knows how to get out.
She eats 3 meals a day all by herself. She is so proud!
When daddy left for work one day she crawled to the door and did this. So precious. She says "da da" all the time. Not sure if she really understands what she is saying.
What else is there to say about this one

Night Night...

As most of you know Addison is the best baby by day, but did you all know that she is not so good at night. She always woke up once a night to nurse (I was fine with that), but when she turned 8 months, separation anxiety kicked in and night/nap time became a nightmare. She would cry for one hour sometimes before falling asleep. I struggled with the "cry it out" method but tried it anyway. I also altered our night time routine. Now she nurses, brushes teeth, we read the same book every night and I sing her a song. It has been a rough one and a half weeks but...it WORKED!!! For the last 3 nights she has gone to sleep with out any tears!! It is sooo rewarding to know that pushing through all that crying paid off. Now I might start to tackle that night feeding. Maybe not yet...I am just happy she is going to sleep again!!

The picture above is the sleeping position I am finding her in when she plays or fusses herself to sleep. I always am so worried she can't breathe and check on her.