Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter weekend and family times.

We went to Spartanburg for Easter weekend and had the best time. Addison absolutely loves her family and screams with excitement when she spots them. We celebrated Grammy's birthday while we were all together. It was such a treat to have Grammy with us since she doesn't get to travel much. It was such a complete feeling to have Ryan's family as well as mine all there. I am overwhelmed by Gods reflection of love for us through the gift of family. What a glorious weekend it was. Thank you to Martha and Chris for being such gracious hosts to so many people and for providing wonderful food!! Martha truly has the gift of hospitality. Ryan's dad is a photographer (LifeSong photography/videography) and took all the pictures that I have recently posted! It was crazy trying to get pictures of everyone but he had all the patience in the world!

Who wouldn't want to be a part of this fun family! This right here inspires me to have three kids!! They are such a beautiful picture of family harmony! They are friends, siblings, encouragers, and advisors to one another.

Grammy (Queen of the family) and her son Chris (Papa).

We are going on 5 years in may and expecting our second child. Life is so sweet! Thank you Lord!!
This is my sweet, precious, darling little Addison! She was trying so hard to blow the bubbles.
Have you seen anything more sweet than this?!?! Maybe it's just a mother's bias! haha!
Who doesn't like ruffle buns?!?!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

No Easter weekend would be complete without some lawn mowing with dad. I think we might just have started a tradition! Dad seemed to be more amused by it than Addison.

Saturday morning Addison went to St. John's Lutheran church in Spartanburg for some egg hunting. She was so kind to all the other children, she wanted to give her eggs away and she would let all the kids take her eggs right out from under her. What a sweet heart! Although she was pretty excited to find this one.
It was in the tall grass so she had to work hard for it!
I have such wonderful in-laws and they made this Easter experience so special for us and definitely amped up the enthusiasm! Addison loves, loves, loves being around them and so do I!!
Addison's awesome Papa (Chris Sigmon from Lifesong photography) took all these cute pictures! He's the best!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Babymoon in Asheville

With a new baby boy on the way, we knew we needed to have a romantic getaway...I have learned this is called a babymoon. Ryan and I had our first getaway when Addison was 5 months old. It is always hard at first to leave your precious child for the weekend but it is soo worth it. Ryan and I love staying at bed and breakfasts so I started searching in Asheville and found this prefect place called 1900 Montford Inn. Just look at our room and decide for yourself if you could spend the weekend alone with your hubby in that room. It makes you not want to leave :) The owners were such wonderful hosts and the breakfast came to our room at 9:30 and it was soo yummy. It is so easy to forget who you and your husband were before you had kids because they just consume you (in a good way). This was such a refreshing trip for us and I hope to do this more often. I have the best husband in the world and I know the Lord was so gracious to me for bringing us together.
Ryan and I love to eat good food and Asheville is the perfect place for that. We had a multi-cultural experience when it came to food. We dined Jamaican, Indian, French, and Asian. All amazing! This weekend was pure indulgence for us!! I just want to shake everyone and tell them they have to make time for experiences like this with their spouse! Coming home was just as rewarding. Addison was so excited to see us and the weekend really reminded us of our burning love for each other...the key is trying to keep it during the everyday routine of the week. Oh if anyone is wondering what Addison did while we were gone, Nana and Mimi came and stayed at our house and watched her. So you can assume that she was utterly spoiled!

Our dear friends, Katie and Jeremy Ledford, live in Asheville and we had the treat of being able to dine with them at the French restaurant Bouchon.
Our amazing room had a steam shower with 6 extra jets that shot water out is all directions.
We had a private garden and a 12 jet bathtub and that a light show display in it. Amazing!!
Fire place and bar area and hot hubby...all came with the room!

Spring is here and Addie is 15 months!

We have so enjoyed this warm weather we have been having. Addison will sit by the door and try for 3o minutes to put on her shoes, as if to tell me she wants to go outside. We have been going to the park about 3 times a week. This stage is soo much fun and now that she is walking it is also so much easier! She loves the swings and the slide! She has blossomed from a shy little girl into a social butterfly. She has to go up to all the kids on the playground and say hi. Her favorite toy is probably a plain old ball...she LOVES it!!

She loves to show everyone her tummy. I wish we were all as proud of our tummies!

Daddy couldn't resist. Her hair is finally starting to grow but still this is the only hair-do we can come up with.

She just had her 15 month appointment and is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight. She weighs in at a hefty 27.6 pounds and is 33 3/4 inches tall. She is saying so many things now and loves to mimic everything we do and say. She says words like: eat, please, dog, up, mommy, daddy, mimi, boo, ball, bath, book etc. It's amazing to me how much she actually understands. She obeys almost all of my "no's" and comes when commanded. She can make all kinds of animal noises, the monkey being my favorite. Nana just got Addie her first kitchen set and baby in a highchair set up. She plays with it all the time. She is so appropriate with it! She puts the baby in the highchair and then proceeds to feed her. She amazes me every day! I am reminded everyday that God is soooo good!!