Friday, August 27, 2010

Nana's first visit to Conover.

It was an entire week since my mom saw Addison and I was also very excited to have her at our new home. She came Monday and stayed till Friday. We had such a good time and laughed a whole lot! Addison decided she would crawl for mom's birthday coming up and have enough hair to put a bow in it. Mom didn't miss a thing. We did our fair share of bargain shopping, went to the pool and toured around Hickory. Mom made me experience a sink bath for the first time (wait that sounds like she made me get into the sink, I meant Addie).
She loved it. For some reason addison played more in the sink than she does in the tub. We loved having her here and I know Addison will miss her!


We have been wondering for a while now why Addison shows no interest in crawling. We assumed it was just because she was such a content baby and that her reach and lunge forward was so successful that she didn't see the need to crawl. She as never even army crawled. If the toy was out of her massive reach then she just decided to let that one go and entertain herself with something else. Addison finally started her first crawls August 23. She loved my phone or anything electronic and that was the bait I used to catch her in her first crawl. Each day she is increasing her distance. Now I have to start watching her like crazy. Another achievement for Addie is that she can now sport a bow on her head. Hair is still sparse but enough for a little bow to grab on to. She looks so cute with her bow on. It kinda looks like we just stuck it on some how.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Daddy's first day of work in Conover.

Addie's new room.

At home in Conover

She always looks like this after a nap. So happy to be alive!

I think she is ready to upgrade to a big girl exersaucer.
Our neighborhood pool. Our community is mostly retirees so the pool is almost always empty. Our own private pool!
Lovely Grammy and handsome Ryan.
The most awesome Aunt Elain who is always getting down to her level on the floor! We love Elain!!

Moving to Conover, NC

Addison is the most excellent truck driver. She drove us all the way to Conover. She did of course need a booster seat to see over the wheel...minor complications.
Sike!! Fooled ya.
It's hard to believe that all of our possessions fit inside that truck. Ryan almost went without AC for the 2 hour ride.
My sweet friend Stacy and her precious Emmie. We are really going to miss them...already do!
Holly, Macie, Lyla, and Becky visited a few day before the move. It's crazy how we are all grown up now with kids!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The move to Conover.

So here we are Friday night. People are coming over tomorrow to help us load the truck and then Sunday we are off to Hickory/Conover. We love the house we are moving in to. We are renting the first year because Ryan doesn't buy the practice until after 8 months and we want to be sure we will be living there. As everyone knows packing is not easy but this time it wasn't so bad, AND a baby was involved. My mom has been so helpful in packing and watching Addison during the day. This move is harder emotionally for be than it was to leave Charleston. This is Addison's first house and our first Christmas at home...and her room that inspired me to decorate it. I have shed a few tears but I know good things are ahead. Leaving my mom is surprisingly harder that I thought. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom but I have left for college, marriage, and all of a sudden this seems like the hardest separation of them all. She has been such a support to me and our family. She loves Addison dearly and it pains me to move 2 hours away making daily visits impossible. I am just hoping that it will be easier than I think. Sunday starts our new life, our planted life. Conover is our home now. It still feels kinda weird but it really is amazing that I have so many friends and family there. I have so much to look forward to...we have been so blessed here that it just makes me a little sad to leave. I trust our lives in the Lord's hands and know that for now He has us right where he wants us and I find joy in that!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach Week at Hilton Head

We just got back from our beach week and it was so much fun. We were surrounded by loving family. Ryan's parents, brother, sister, and my mom were all there. Our condo was awesome. We had a small set back. 30 minutes after we arrived we attempted to attach Addison's high chair to the glass top table and CRACK!! We broke the glass $250 later we replaced the glass. I was determined to not let that ruin the trip and it didn't. We took Addison to the pool and she loved it. She only went to the beach once since it was so hot even at 6 in the evening. I am so blessed to have such wonderful family, everyone was so helpful with Addison. We also celebrated my 28th birthday. That was such a great day, we had cake, spent all day at the beach, heard live music, and went out to eat. My family was so generous to me! Enjoy the pictures.
She loves to clap all the time now. She is in mid clap.

She doesn't know it now but I just saved her from a mouth full of sand. She will thank me later for it. I felt like it was my mission to keep sand out of her mouth while we were there. It is a tough job.
As soon as I sat her down in the surf she immediately touched the sand and was so intrigued by the consistency. She kept putting it on her leg.

Addison LOVES being on daddy's shoulders. She feels on top of the world...I guess.

Daddy fun!
Aunt Margaret and Uncle Marty were also down in Hilton Head too and she made Addison and bunny lovey.
After 1 hour at the pool she was pretty pooped.
Styling on our way to the pool.
Fun with papa.
As you can see she was never shy of attention.
Look closely...see her 4 teeth!
Standing up like a big girl.